Campus Public Safety is accepting applications at this time.              


If hired, duties would include:

  • Locking Buildings 
  • Vehicle/Foot Campus Property Observation Rounds 
  • Assisting the Campus Community
    (Vehicle Assists, Public Assists, Unlocks, Special Events)
  • Parking Enforcement 


If hired, tasks would include:

  • Safely operating department vehicles while being observant of activities happening on campus
  • Identifing parking rules and regulation violations and issue citations
  • Locking and or checking campus buildings
  • Assisting in calls for service i.e. Vehicle jump starts, lock-outs, public assists
  • Communicating effectively by:
    • Giving directions
    • Answering questions about SOU
    • Create positive public relations


In order to be hired you muct be able to:

  • Work at least 15 hours per week, while school is in session.
  • Work varying shifts during the 24-hour day. During the hours 8am-5pm Monday – Thursday you will be primarily be enforcing parking.  During the hours 6pm-12am Monday – Saturday you will be working a blend of CPS and Parking.  Class schedules are taken into consideration when work shifts are scheduled.
  • You will be expected to be able to work a minimum 2 hour shift between 8am-5pm or a full shift block between 6pm-12am.
  • Work when asked to do so, for any unforeseen emergencies, or special events.
  • Enforce parking regulations.
  • Secure and unlock buildings and respond to any assist call you might receive.
  • Must be able to work well with others. Will be working as part of a two-person team whenever possible.


Application Process

The Campus Public Safety/Parking Department would like to welcome you to our Student Worker application process. Please follow the directions exactly. Failure to follow the directions could result in your elimination from the hiring process.

  1. Complete and return the attached forms. Click on the link to download, print and fill out.
    1. Application
    2. Letter of understanding
  2. Submit a statement in your own handwriting explaining why you want this position.
  3. Submit proof of a valid driver's license. A front and back photocopy of your driver’s license is sufficient.


Applicant must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting application.
  2. Pass a background investigation.
  3. Maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours a term for a non-graduate student or maintain 9 credit hours a term for a graduate student. Summer is exempt from this requirement.
  4. Maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 for classes taken.
  5. Possess and maintain a valid driver's license and good driving record.
  6. Be able to perform all duties and job tasks.
  7. Be dependable, trustworthy, honest, and have a high moral code both on duty and off duty.
  8. Maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  9. Duty equipment and shirt will be provided.  Department approved shoes and pants are not provided.


Job pay will be state minimum wage with the option for merit/service based pay increases based on department criteria.


If you have any questions, please refer them to Sergeant Robert Gibson: or 541-552-6258.

If Sergeant Gibson is not available, please leave a message and he will return your phone call as soon as possible.