Frequently Asked Questions:

What are SOU Emergency Alert Notifications and Timely Warnings?

SOU Emergency Alert Notifications are messages sent out to the campus community via all forms of communication: text message, phone calls, email, social media, and SOU webpages. These are for pending or immediate threats:

-Pending or Immediate Threats are events that pose a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an imminent or impending threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on or near campus.

SOU Timely Warnings are for serious and continuing threats to students and employees. They are sent to the campus community advising of event(s) that have occurred on the campus property or advising of event(s) occurring near the campus. The event(s) do not pose an immediate threat to life or safety, but are of a nature where timely warnings or instructions may directly affect the well being of the recipient. Timely warnings are meant to provide information to make SOU’s community aware of an ongoing threat or risk, aid in the prevention of similar crimes, and provide safety tips. These notifications usually occur as an all campus email and should be issued as soon as the pertinent information is available.

How Do I Update My SOU Alert?

To update, login to your account and click "SOU ALERTS-Manage your SOU account". 

My Car Battery Died, Can I get a Jumpstart?

 Yes, the Campus Public Safety Department does assist with vehicle jumpstarts at no charge to you, as long as you are parked inside an SOU parking lot or on an SOU owned street. You will be required to sign a liability waiver that the officer provides you before they can jumpstart the battery.

For jumpstarts, please call the Campus Public Safety Officer Dispatch number at (541) 552-6911. Be ready to give the exact location of the vehicle (parking lot numbers are posted on each lot entrance sign). Please make sure to stay with your vehicle until the officer arrives on scene.

Who Do I call If I am Locked out of a Classroom/Office?

 If you need access into a room during business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) you will need to contact the building manager to request an unlock.

If you need access into a room outside of business hours, or on the weekend, call (541) 552-6911 and a Campus Public Safety Officer will assist you with the unlock. Please be aware that there could be a delay in the response time if the Officer is currently out on another call. Make sure to have your SOU ID or State ID ready to show the officer when they arrive.

After calling for an unlock:

(1) Make sure to stay at the location until the officer arrives.

(2) If you are able to get into the room before the officer arrives on scene, please call back and advise dispatch that the officer can cancel.

Who do I Contact if I have Questions?

Email, or call the front office at 541-552-6258 (Open during business hours only).

For (non-emergent) CPS officer assistance, call the CPS dispatch line at: 541-552-6911.

For emergencies, always call: 9-1-1

Parking Questions

For all parking questions please visit the SOU Parking website. Parking Services