Field research team

The Environmental Education master’s program is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences. The integrated program draws from many disciplines on campus including the Education, Business, Communications, and Environmental Studies Departments, plus others. However, the majority of faculty associated with the program are housed in the Biology Department. 

Dr. Stewart Janes Dr. Janes has been involved in the Environmental Education program since arriving on the SOU campus in 1992. In addition to his interests in environmental education, he trains secondary teachers pursuing secondary teaching licensure in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. He is an ecologist and ornithologist and researches the function of bird song and raptor ecology.

Linda Hilligoss – Linda Hilligoss is a Science Educator for the College of Arts and Sciences and promotes and coordinates activities at the Crater Lake Science and Learning Center.  Part of her time is also devoted to the Environmental Ed Masters program and their involvement at Deer Creek Center. Linda is a graduate of the Environmental Education program in its previous incarnation and a certified middle school teacher. She previously worked in the Education Department as an assistant professor training teachers, with a special interest in promoting science at the elementary level.

Dr. Michael Parker Dr. Parker is an aquatic ecologist and is actively involved in the Environmental Education program. His work focuses on the structure and dynamics of aquatic food webs with an emphasis on the effects of human impacts and introduced species.  From aquatic invertebrates to amphibians to desert fishes, he is involved in the conservation of aquatic organisms and the environments that sustain them.  He teaches Trends in Environmental Education (EE 526), Natural History of the Pacific Northwest (EE 523), and Biology courses such as Aquatic Ecology, Fish & Fisheries, Herpetology, and Vertebrate Natural History.

Dr. Kristin Nagy Katz - Director of University Assessment, is a science educator and molecular biologist. She worked at the University of California, Berkeley for ten years at the Lawrence Hall of Science in numerous informal and formal settings.  She also works closely with the Environmental Education program.  

You can learn more about the faculty associated with the EE program and the other seven faculty members in the Department by visiting the Biology webpage.