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Section 3.   Primary Academic Divisions



As herein used, the term “primary academic division” means a unit such as a School, a College, or the Library.  The unit normally reports to the Provost and is administered by a dean


I.     Administrative Responsibilities of Deans


A.    The dean provides leadership for the academic, personnel, financial, and research aspects of the College and each department and program that is part of the College, in alignment with the vision and mission of the University. In this role the Dean participates in setting the direction for the division, allocating resources to support the goals of the division and evaluating progress towards those goals.  The Dean provides leadership and oversight in securing extramural funding; consults with the Chairs and faculty, with University-wide administrative bodies, and with the Provost.


B.    Where the bylaws directly identify the Dean, it is not meant to prohibit delegation to an Associate Dean or other designee through consistent division policy.


C.The Dean is an intermediate administrator to whom the department chairs report.


II.    Selection Procedure for Deans and Associate Deans


A.    When a vacancy occurs, the Provost shall meet with the faculty of the division to discuss the scope of the search and the composition of the search committee to resolve the following questions:


1.     Shall the selection of a new dean be made from among current members of the division faculty or from a national search?


2.     Shall the search committee be drawn only from current members of the division faculty or include faculty or staff from outside the division and/or community members?


3.     Shall the composition of the search committee represent identified constituencies within and/or outside the school?


B.    Those members of the division who have completed three full academic terms at the university and whose assignment for the following year is at least .50 FTE in the division are eligible to serve on the search committee.


C.    The Provost shall report on the initial meeting with the division and recommend to the President and the Faculty Senate Advisory Council the scope of the search and the composition of the search committee.  The Advisory Council, in consultation with the division department chairs, shall review the Provost's recommendation and forward to the President their comments along with their recommendation of individuals to serve on the search committee.  The President shall establish the process and appoint the committee.


D.    The search committee will conduct the search in consultation with the Provost, identifying finalists who will be interviewed on campus.  After the interviews, the search committee shall evaluate and recommend finalists to the President through the Provost.


The President shall identify the successful candidate to the members of the division.


E.    Following an advisory vote in which a simple majority of the members of the division vote to confirm, the successful candidate may be appointed.  In the absence of confirmation, the search committee shall reconsider its recommendations with input from the division’s voting members and consult with the Provost.


III. Alternate Selection Procedures for Deans and Associate Deans


The faculty of a division may request an alternate procedure by filing a petition with the Provost and the President within ten days of the notice of the division meeting referred to in section 3.121.  The petition shall contain the rationale for an alternate procedure and it shall be signed by more than half of the faculty (see constitution, section 0.200) within the division concerned.  The alternate procedure may include postponing the selection of a dean until a later date and the appointment by the President of an interim.  If the President approves the proposed alternate procedure, the Faculty Senate Advisory Council shall be so informed.  If the President does not approve the proposed alternate procedure, selection procedures in section 3.200 will be followed.


IV. Advisory Evaluations of Deans and Associate Deans


A.    Deans and Associate Deans shall be evaluated periodically and systematically so that they:


1.     Can receive feedback and direction on their performance relative to their job description from a variety of sources.


2.     Can set goals and objectives in order to improve their effectiveness and to provide for professional growth.


3.     Can be rewarded and recognized appropriately for excellence and/or exceptional performance (e.g., public recognition, merit pay).


4.     Can work cooperatively to address deficiencies.


B.    Evaluations shall be conducted annually.


C.    The advisory evaluation forms shall be prepared and distributed by the Faculty Personnel Committee in cooperation with the Provost.  The evaluation forms will include a scale ranking effectiveness from "Very Effective," to "Ineffective," and the responses "Insufficient Information to Evaluate” and “Not Applicable."  Each administrator will be evaluated on the following or similar criteria:


1.   Is receptive to suggestions and counsel.


2.   Administers the division efficiently and fairly.


3.   Delegates responsibilities to members of the division as appropriate.


4.   Treats all personnel matters objectively and equitably.


5.   Encourages democratic participation in decision-making.


6.   Inspires trust and confidence among faculty, staff and students within the division.


7.   Leads the division in setting and achieving planning goals.


8.   Overall assessment as an administrator.


D.    Forms shall be sent to all current faculty members (see constitution, section 0.200) who shall have an opportunity to evaluate the administrator under whom they serve.


E.    The forms shall be returned directly to the administrator’s supervisor, who shall notify the Senate when the evaluations have been completed.


F.   The results of the evaluation shall be confidential; the administrator’s supervisor shall share the results with the person being evaluated, along with the Provost and/or the President.


G.    A simple majority of the faculty of a division (see constitution, section 0.200) may submit an alternate form or procedure for the evaluation by filing a petition with the Provost and the Faculty Personnel Committee on or before February l5.






End of Section 3


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