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Table of Contents

Faculty Governance 1.000

Faculty Senate 1.100
Representation 1.110
Election Procedure 1.120
Recall of a Senate Member 1.130

Committees 1.200
Presidential Committees and Councils 1.210


Faculty Senate Committees and Councils 1.220
Advisory Council 1.221
Committee on Committees 1.222
Elections Committee 1.223
Constitution Committee 1.224
Hearing Panel and Committees 1.225
Faculty Senate Representation on University Committees 1.226
Technology Council 1.226 (a)
University Planning Committee 1.226 (b)


General Faculty Committees and Councils 1.230
Composition/Tenure 1.231
Meetings, Minutes and Recommendations 1.232
Committees and Councils of the General Faculty 1.233
Academic Policies Committee 1.233 (a)
Academic Standards Committee 1.233 (b)
Curriculum Committee 1.233 (c)
Faculty Personnel Committee 1.233 (d)
Financial Aid and Awards Committee 1.233 (e)
Graduate Council 1.233 (f)
Honors Faculty Board 1.233 (g)
Faculty Development Committee 1.233 (h)
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee 1.233 (i)
Library Committee 1.233 (j)
Student Affairs Committee 1.233 (k)
Teacher Education Committee 1.233 (l)
University Studies Committee 1.233(m)
Assessment Committee 1.233(n)
International Affairs Committee 1.233(o)

Ad Hoc Committees 1.240

University 2.000

Advisory Evaluation of the President 2.100
Advisory Evaluation of the President's Executive Council and Other Executive Administrators 2.200

Primary Academic Divisions 3.000

Administrative Responsibilities of Deans 3.100
Selection Procedure of Deans 3.200
Alternate Selection Procedures for Deans and Associate Deans 3.300
Advisory Evaluations of School Deans 3.400

Secondary Academic Divisions 4.000

Definitions 4.100

Administrative Responsibilities and Release for Secondary Academic Divisions 4.200
Administrative Responsibilities 4.210
Administrative Release 4.220


Appointment of Secondary Academic Division Leadership 4.300
Department Chairs 4.310
Program Directors 4.320
Program Coordinators 4.330


Evaluation of Secondary Academic Division Leadership 4.400
Department Chairs, Program Directors, and Program Coordinators shall be evaluated... 4.410
Evaluation of Department Chairs 4.420
Evaluation of Program Directors 4.430
Evaluation of Program Coordinators 4.440


Department Personnel Committee 4.500
Selection of the Department Personnel Committee 4.510
Duties of the Department Personnel Committee 4.520
Decision Involving Direct Benefit to Immediate Family 4.530
Input to the Department Personnel Committee 4.540

Faculty 5.000

Guidelines for Initial Appointment of Faculty Members 5.100
Description of Faculty Vacancies 5.110
Search for Candidates 5.120
Faculty Appointments 5.130
Appointment Procedure 5.131
Initial Rank and Years in Rank (YIR) 5.132
Professional Ranks 5.132 (a)
Professorial Ranks 5.132 (b)
Years in Rank (YIR) 5.132 (c)
Appointments of Temporary Faculty 5.133
Faculty Appointments of Administrators 5.134

Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure 5.200
Procedure 5.210
Promotion Criteria 5.220
Senior Instructor 5.221
Associate Professor 5.222
Professor 5.223
Tenure Criteria 5.230
Definition of Appropriate Terminal Degree 5.240
Definition of Prior Experience and Years in Rank (YIR) 5.250
Directions for the Administration of the Forms for Student Evaluation of Faculty Teaching Effectiveness 5.260
Definition of Teaching Effectiveness based on Student Assessment 5.270

Guidelines for Evaluation and Reappointment of Faculty 5.300
Faculty members shall be evaluated periodically and systematically so that they... 5.310
Split appointments 5.320
Evaluation and Reappointment of All Faculty with Term-to-Term Appointments 5.330
Evaluation and Reappointment of All Faculty on One-Year, Fixed-Term Appointments 5.340
Evaluation and Reappointment of Faculty on Three-Year, Extendable Contracts 5.350
Colleague Evaluation of Professional and Professorial Faculty 5.360
Colleague Evaluation Procedure 5.370
Procedures for Determining "Less Than Satisfactory Service" 5.380

Sabbatical Leave Policy and Procedures 5.400
General Policies for Sabbatical Leaves 5.410
Sabbatical Leaves for Academic Faculty 5.420


Guidelines on Emeritus Selection and Status 5.500
Guidelines 5.510
Selection Procedure 5.520
Honors and Privileges 5.530


Dispute Resolution 6.000

Faculty Grievance Procedures regarding Personnel Actions 6.100
General Provisions 6.110
Procedures for Informal Stage 6.120
Initiation of Formal Stage 6.130
Hearing Procedures 6.140
Decision of the Hearing Committee 6.150
Protection from Retaliation 6.160
Unmet Deadlines 6.170

Procedure for Hearing Challenges to Disciplinary Actions or Procedures 6.200
General Provisions 6.210
Procedures for Informal Stage 6.220
Initiation of Formal Stage 6.230
Hearing Procedures 6.240
Decision of the Hearing Committee 6.250
Protection from Retaliation 6.260
Unmet Deadlines 6.270

Faculty Complaints against Other Faculty, Administrators, or Staff 6.300
General Provisions 6.310
Procedures for Informal Stage 6.320
Initiation of Formal Stage 6.330
Composition of Complaint Hearing Committees 6.340
Hearing Procedures 6.350
Decision of the Hearing Committee 6.360
Protection from Retaliation 6.370
Unmet Deadlines 6.380
Review of Decision 6.390

Removal of Academic Administrator from Office 6.400


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