Poster Presentation Session

Thursday, May 19 12:00-1:30 PM
SU Rogue River Room
Students display and discuss projects from a variety of academic disciplines. See list below for individual presenters and poster titles.

Poster Pre-Session I Poster Pre-Session II
Wednesday, May 18, 11:30-2:30 Thursday, May 19, 9:30-11:30
SU Rogue River Room SU Rogue River Room

Anthropology/Elementary Ed
Art Education
Chelsea North

The Aging Out of Antibiotics
Ashleigh Mead

Cytochrome C Barcoding Based Oomycete Characterization
Daisy Proksch, Jonathan Radda

Intestinal enzyme level response to dietary protein type     
Harrison Friend, Stephanie Ramirez, Benjamin Rangel

Intestinal Microbiota and Metabolic Syndrome       
Shannon Connolly

Policies regarding water control
Garrett Greenway

Business Administration
The Impact of Expression on a Healthy Life
Amie Mills, Samantha Pennington-Vrsek

Analyzing the Structure of an Unknown Compound using FT-NMR Spectroscopy
Nikole Gomez

The Chemistry Behind Wine Astringency      
Bronson Samel-Garloff

A Computational Study of Ionic Liquids         
D. A. Chapman, Emily Vincent

Discovering Mambalgin in Local Colubridae
Mathew Geiger

Experimental Determination of Depolarization Ratios         
Michelle Harsh

Graphene Catalyst Solar Cells
Dylan Elmer, Steven Petrovic

Green Chemistry Methods for the Undergraduate Inorganic Lab    
Jennette Chisholm

Green Synthesis of Curcumin Using Metal Oxides as Catalyst          
Justin Goff

Metal monolayer-protected nanoparticles   
Maria Boltenko, Laura Hughes

Methods for Amphetamine Determination in Biological Samples
Chandler Ferguson

Natural Product Isolation and Characterization of Terpenoids
Josh Cook

Using Polarized Ultraviolet Spectroscopy to Determine O   
Sara Keith

The American Dream:  A Generational View
Alisa Arata, Erin Casper, Parker Corallo, Cameron Davis, Jordan Debortoli, Melissa Gordon, Reid Higley, Kayla Huddy-Lemn, Andrew Jones, Ben Manley, Aidan O'shea, Molly Pascale, Ethan Reeder, Mason Rodriguez, Susan Schweitzer, Mack Sherrill, Brandon Wilcox

Parker Randle

Early Childhood Development
Decreasing Disparities in Child Development Assessment
Carolina Regalado

Early Literacy Book Drive      
Marissa Griffin, Amanda Uhler

Literacy In Our Schools          
Josiah Cooper

Elementary Education
After School Dance Program
Nicole Lehman, Juliana Williams

After School Elementary Art Club
Sarah Collins

After-School Space Exploration
Sarah Hubbard, Katie Wirth

Art and Literacy for Early Childhood Education        
Hannah Coimbra

Ashland Emergency Food Bank and Food Drive        
Cassandra Stapp

Book Drive     
Alysha Bear

Central Point Art Festivities   
Gwyneth Thomas

Coaching Life Lessons
Trevor Hancock

Community School Garden    
Tiffany Bach

Cooking with Kasey    
Kasey McNamee

Creating a Second Language Learning Opportunity
Chelsee Gunderson

Cultivating Strong Writers     
Andrea Greer

Digital Storytelling - Effecting the Achievement Gap           
Briana Lyon

Early Exposure to Literature: Head Start Book Drive
Amanda Uhler

Elementary Spanish Enrichment Program    
Chelsea Hick, Natasha Schroeder

Emotions Matter-Legends     
Keena Morse-Miller

First Book       
Marisa Rowden

Fourth Grade Students at Charter School      
Lidia Perez

Learning in the Nature Classroom
Kelsey DeChavez

Lesson Planning & Implementation in ECE    
Kasey Orlik Hill

Love Shouldn't Hurt: Community Works Aims to Heal          
Sherry Rose

Music Education at Head Start
Jaclyn McQuiston

Northwest Seasonal Workers Association & Volunteers       
Mckayla Fowler

Our World Through a Science Lens
Jaquelynn Parsley

PACE- Participate, Active, Continuous, Evaluate Self
Brianne Craig

Pinatas: A Wonderful Tradition
Marylee Gallegos Vargas

The Postive Impacts of Youth Sports Camps  
Sydney White

The Power of After School Program 
Michelle Cummings

Sams Valley Kindergarten Reading Caterpillar
Victoria Claflin

Science and the Young Child  
Madison Clark

Shakespeare for Students      
Katie Moeglein

Social Emotional Connections
Avery Dutton

Social Emotional Learning in Preschool Age Children          
Rosemary Smith

Teaching American Sign Language to Elementary Students
Katie Brown

Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program         
Rosalinda Duran Pina

What Do You Want To Know About College?
Katie Francisco

Writing Workshop & Book Publishing
Melissa Elliott, Morgan Lasota

Health & Physical Education
Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease
Alexa Gonzalez

Physiological Effects of a Rapid Ascent to High Altitude
Dan DeNeui, Jenny Slawta

Comparing Incan Accounts of the Conquest of Peru
Nathan White

Evita Peron: La Dama de Esperanza
Emily Taylor

The Forgotten Victims
Torre Brown, Kathryn Jones

Health Benefits of Choral Singing
Jeffrey Myers

The Effects of Exposing K12 E. Coli Bacteria to Radiation
Kaitlin Ikenberry

Political Science
10th Anniversary of the United Nations Alliance at SOU      
Kathleen Gamer, Tomoki Mutsui

United Nations 1945-2015: History, Legacy, Impact 
Michal Dahl, Miyu Koda

Anxiety and Meditation         
Anna Humphreys

Are you alright? A study on helping behavior and mental dist         
Karoline Curcin, Carrie Paras, John Taylor

Bringing Psychology Replication to SOU       
Tamara Barrett, Eric Ghelfi

Does Spontaneous Visual Attention Recruitment Have an Evolut    
Jack Baich

The Effect of Attention on Cognitive Problem Solving With Au        
Wander Boesjes

Effect of Orthography on Recall of Novel Nonsense Symbols          
Jaime Brown

The Effects of Anxiety on Memorization and Recall 
Noelle Lopez

The Gateway Theory Fact or Fiction?
Kellie Donnelly, Carrie Parras

Genetic Fitness and the Survival Processing Effect   
Shaina Trevino

Investigating reasoning advantages with mate selection rules on the Wason Selection Task         
Casey Comella

Survival Advantage and Mate Selection        
Andrea Connelly, John Taylor

Transforming Bulldogs and Pirates into Raiders: A Pathway for Latinos Toward Higher Education           
Annie Valtierra-Sanchez

University Seminar
Akkkademia: The Academy as Bleach
Ahsante Foree

Are savior siblings ethical?    
Nita Carter, Peyton Mobley, Annie Thompson, Riley Warburton, Coleen Wheeler

Ashley X Treatment
Kulani Hegeman, Kaitlyn Rainbolt, Katie Saephanh, Megan Spencer, Kalynn Yeigh

Autism and Vaccines  
Mathew Vanoudenhaegen

A Bloody Mess: Exploring Menstruation Stigmas     
Cassandra Anderson

Dividing the Plate      
Bailey Bascom, John Diaz, Colin Joseph, Jiahui Tao

Do's and Do not's when writing a Literature Review Paper 
Nico Baldovino, Jeremy Sparks

Egyptian Street Art: As the Dust Settles        
Jessica Sambrailo

The Ethical Analysis of HIV Gene Therapy    
Hannah Brockmann, Rachel Broskey, Sophia Kazadi

Ethics and Understanding of Healthy Limb Amputation       
Trevor Turner

Ethics of Unused In Vitro Fertilization Embryos        
Katelynn Jensma

Fat Freshman 
Sierra Dawson, Danny Hernandez, Anay Philpott, Rebecca Velasquez

The Histroy and Ethics of Lobotomy
Benjamin Stevens, Terran Tyler

Holocaust Timeline    
Justin Hanna

Let’s Hawk About Waste        
Kayle Blackmore, Savannah King, Yohanna Klikier, Hannah McKinsey

Music Therapy in Autistic Children
Shania Henderson

Native vs. Non-Native Animals: Who Will Win?        
Jordan Bruyn

Physician Assisted Suicide      
Tru Allen, Sarah Garoutte, Makena Totushek, Danny Zamores

Brandon Brooks

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