A very popular feature of SOAR, which allows students and faculty to showcase a hands-on exhibit or interactive project in a  freeform setting.

EZR 9025

 A display of original creative work, either a single piece or a collection of art. This can include  studio art, digital art, films, or other displays. Art will be displayed in the library throughout  the month of May. Opportunities to present and discuss your work with a live audience are  available.


 Allow for innovation in artistic expression. Includes music, dance, theater and more.


poster2016 Posters
 Graphically present your work in a large format poster as an individual or a group. Share your  research or project through discussion with other students, faculty and members of the public at  the poster session Thursday May 18, 11:30-1:00.


Share your research, projects, experiences or theory concepts in any topic in a 20-minute presentation.


EZR 9149Symposia
Brings together a group of students and/or faculty to present on shared research, projects or capstones. Participants can also organize discussion forums or other group presentations.

ColorsAll Other
Bring us your idea for ways to participate and we will work with you to personalize your SOAR experience.

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