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The Student Publicity Center is staffed by student designers and photographers and managed by a creative professional. We are here to fulfill your creative, marketing, promotional, photographic and video needs. We also manage several of the public display spaces on campus for the posting of SOU related events. We are located in the Stevenson Union and are open M-F from 9am - 4pm.

Our Services Include

  • Advertising, marketing, and promotion  

  • Graphic design

  • Still Photography

  • Videography and editing

Design, Marketing, Advertising Services
Pricing to the nearest half-hour starts after initial client consultation

  • Non Student Fee Funded Individuals, Groups and Organizations: $25/hour
  • Clubs*, Resource Centers, Campus Organizations that are Student Fee Funded: $15/hour
    * Each club receives 2 hours of free design time per academic year
Below is a list of information we need for all event marketing requests
  • Name of Event
  • Hosting Organization
  • Index Code and verification of funds if you are a club or student organization
  • Your Name and contact information email and cell information
  • Date, Time, Location, Cost
  • Wording for marketing materials - we are happy to collaborate with you
  • All logos and photos if you have specific images to utilize 
  • All images provided by client must be legal to reproduce 
  • Timetable -  a minimum of 10 days prior to event

Still Photography & Video Services
$18/hour, 2 hour minimum in half-hour increments at any SOU on-campus location

  • Remote locations incur extra fees
  • Includes photographer and camera package
  • Editing and retouching for additional fees and are necessary for all jobs
  • Please book a minimum of 1 week in advance in ensure availability

Kiosk Display Pricing

Contact the SPC in advance at or 541-552-8327 to reserve a display space

Stevenson Union Kiosks (3)
2 sides of kiosk for 1 week: $40, 1 additional week: $30

Size 30" x 40" up to 40" x 40"

Rogue River Room Bulletin Boards (2)
1 display for 1 week: $25

Size up to 40' x 60"

Siskiyou Blvd Kiosk (1) 
2 sides of 1 display for 1 week: $50

Size 30" x 42"


We accept index codes, checks and cash for services rendered.
Sorry, we cannot accept 960 numbers or credit cards.

Color Printing Services

Print&Copy now handles all large format printing and mounting