The Student Publicity Center

The Student Publicity Center provides low-cost, professional marketing, social media, photography, and graphic design services to students, student organizations, and the SOU community. We complete over 1,000 projects each year, ranging from fliers, posters, and brochures to t-shirts, logos, and social media. We work with Print and Copy and local vendors to ensure that jobs are printed by the customer’s due date and to their satisfaction.

In addition to concept and design, we offer large format printing services and mounting on foam core for presentation materials. The Student Publicity Center also manages the 3 Display Kiosks in the Stevenson Union Courtyard, one on Siskiyou Boulevard, and 2 large display boards near the Rogue River Room in the SU.

SOU graduates who have worked in the Student Publicity Center have become successfully employed by a diverse group of companies, including Nike, Xerox (Portland), Willamette Weekly (McMinnville), Steelhead, Kenesis, and Must Have Menus (Ashland).

 The Student Publicity Center is located in the Stevenson Union, Room 310 - across from the Office of Student Life. Our email is