The Student Publicity Center

  The Student Publicity Center provides low-cost, professional graphic design services to students and student organizations. Student Publicity processes over 1,000 work orders each year. Graphic projects range from posters, newsletters, brochures and banners to t-shirts, resumes, business packages and logos. Services include free consultation about layout, paper and ink choices, printing cost estimates and free pick-up and delivery to off-campus vendors for printing, camera work and lamination.

  Student Publicity produces camera-ready work for the customer in a timely manner. The staff works with Duplicating Services and local printers to ensure that jobs are printed by the customer’s due date. A timeline is available to customers to assist with planning publicity for their events.

  The student staff receive invaluable training and experience which enables them to handle a variety of graphic design jobs from conception to prepress. The goal is to expand their computer literacy with training in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. In the past, graduates of Student Publicity have found job placement in major agenies, including Nike (Portland), Xerox (Portland), Willamette Weekly (McMinnville), Steelhead (Ashland), and Kenesis (Ashland).

  Approximately eighty-five percent of work orders are placed by students or IFC-funded programs. IFC monies (incidental fees) ensure that the hourly rate charged by Student Publicity for design work remains about one-fourth the price charged by off-campus businesses, a significant saving for students and campus groups. We currently charge student/student organizations at $15/hr. The street rate is currently $60 to $85. (Kinko’s/$60)

  Printed materials intended for distribution off-campus and design work ordered by general fund programs are produced by the University’s Publications Department; however, if that office is unable to accommodate a request, the Student Publicity Center may be requested to produce the job. General fund departments are charged a rate that reflects the hourly wage of the advisor and the Center’s overhead; this rate, while higher than the student rate, is significantly less than off-campus rates.

  Objectives for the Student Publicity Center include continued emphasis on advanced design training for student employees, emphasizing quality customer service; and keeping abreast of industry standards by upgrading computer software and hardware whenever possible.

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