All complaints are reviewed by the Director of Equity Grievance.

Director of Equity Grievance
Angela Fleischer
Stevenson Union 321

Title IX Coordinator 

Suresh Appavoo
Chief Diversity and Inclusivity Officer
Churchill 120

Deputy Title IX Coordinators
Jody Waters
Associate Provost
Churchill Hall 113

Taylor Burke 
Dean of Students and Director of Student Life
Stevenson Union 321

Anna D'Amato

Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness
Student Health and Wellness
Alana Lardizabal
Director of Human Resources
Churchill 159

Any student, employee, or applicant for employment or admission to the University, who believes that they have been discriminated against on the basis of sex, may file a complaint with any of the people listed above. They may also file  an anonymous, confidential, or formal report at this link: Southern Oregon University's Sexual Misconduct and Equal Opportunity Report Form.  The Director of Equity Grievance, University Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators will assist the complainant in identifying the appropriate policy and grievance procedure to resolve the complaint in a timely and equitable manner. The SOU, Director of Equity Grievance, Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators may consult with others, as needed, to resolve the complaint in the most effective manner.