Pre-Professional Medicine at Southern Oregon University

On this page, students can find more information about what it means to pursue a path aligning to MD or DO programs across the US, more about the curricular expectations, health-related experiences, and the popular comparison of "MD vs DO". 


What is the Pre-Professional Medicine program at SOU like? 

What is the difference between a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)?


 What does the world of a doctor look like professionally?


What do I need to get into Medical School?

While there are over 150 MD-granting institutions, there are only about 40 DO-granting institutions in the US and Canada. As mentioned before, while there are fewer opportunities for DO students, the admissions profile for MD students tend to be slightly more competitive. When it comes to looking at what it takes to stand out, students should be thinking about their GPA, MCAT score, and extracurricular experiences.