Are you considering a job in the realm of Nursing?

On this page, students can find more information about what it means to pursue a path aligning to Nursing programs across the U.S., more about the cirrucular expectations, health-related experiences, and adjacent pathways.

The SOU-OHSU Relationship

Many Pre-Nursing students at SOU are naturally interested in ultimately attend the OHSU-Ashland School of Nursing program, which hosts distinct programs for RN-to-BSN, 3-Year OCNE BSN, Accelerated BSN, and Nurse Practitioners. It is important to remember that SOU and OHSU are two distinct institutions meaning that you are a fully enrolled student at one, or the other, but not both. Another point to clarify is that while SOU students may receive a preference for admissions, they are not guaranteed admission into the program, or any other OHSU program. Typically, students will follow one of the two tracks outlined below for getting into OSHU's 3-Year OCNE or Accelerated BSN programs. SOU is here to prepare students to be excellent candidates for OHSU or any other nursing school of their interest. 

What does the Pre-Professional Nursing Program Look Like at SOU?


What does the realm of Nursing look like professionally?

What do I need to get into Nursing School?

Programs for nursing can be quite competitive, so it is important for students to plan as soon as they arrive at SOU. Since RN programs occur at different levels of education, the first question that students should ask themselves is which type of program they are looking to complete. After that, determining prospective schools becomes critical. Below is a list of resources to help students get off on the right foot when planning for an educational, and professional, career in Nursing. Students can also find more information on centralized websites like UniversityHQ.