Student Resources

In the STEM Division, we value the success and persistence of our students, and in that regard, we have created a place where students, and their families, can find out information which is important to understand and review. On this page students can view the "Five Minute Fundamentals" videos which focus on general student information around resources on campus, advising in the majors, and orientations with student interfaces such as InsideSOU and DegreeWorks. Students should also review the videos on Degree Basics, Undergraduate Studies, and Campus Resources to refresh their knowledge of important campus knowledge, and academic policy.


Five Minute Fundamentals

In the Five Minute Fundamentals, the STEM Division has created a series of brief videos for students to watch, which assist in breaking down large amounts of campus information into manageable pieces to learn and retain knowledge which is critical to their time here at SOU. Please keep in mind, these videos are to supplement a student's learning, but cannot replace any sort of advisor insight, or other campus resources, and are here for information purposes. Students will have the ability to pick-and-choose different areas of student knowledge to learn, or refresh themselves, about the following areas:

Basic Student Information

University Studies

Academic Advising:

In this section, we cover the essential structure of advising for new students in the STEM Division, for first-time students, and for transfer students. 

Advising A - How Does Advising Work?

Advising B - How Are Major Advisors Assigned?

Advising C - Meeting with an Advisor/Course Planning


Campus Tools and Resources: