Students utilize SOU Handshake to view and apply for or on-campus employment opportunities. They can submit resumes, cover letters and other relevant documentation which will be emailed directly to the designated contact indicated on your posting. You may also view a list of applicants and their documents through your SOU Handshake account. Below are some recommended guidelines to facilitate appropriate communication with students.

  1. When you receive an applicant's document(s), respond to the student within 48 hours. Inform the student that you have received their documents and provide a hiring timeline. It is recommended that you communicate with students via phone or email.
  2. Once you have selected candidates that you would like interview, contact them to schedule an interview.
  3. During the interview process, it is recommended to remain objective and follow EEOC guidelines. Interview guide provided by SOU Human Resource Services.
  4. Once you have selected your candidate(s) that you wish to hire, contact the candidate(s) and make an employment offer.
  5. Once an offer has been accepted, contact all candidates (interviewed and non) to inform them that an offer has been made and accepted by another candidate(s).