Each type of student job has an assigned pay range. A student employee should not be paid below the minimum wage rate of the assigned job type.


The minimum of the pay range for Student Employee A jobs is set at Oregon's minimum wage, which is adjusted annually each January according to the Portland Area CPI. At SOU the new minimum wage rate is effective mid-December because that is the pay period in which January 1 falls for our student employees. Departments are advised to hire new student employees at the minimum of the pay range, unless a student employee's experience, knowledge, and skills support a higher rate.


Hiring rates and wage increases should not result in a wage rate that exceeds the maximum of a job's pay range. A department that is considering a wage rate that exceeds the maximum of a job's pay range must provide a written request to the Payroll Office to document the rationale for the request.


Pay Range — Effective August 1, 2015

  Minimum Maximum
Student Employee A $9.25 $10.50
Student Employee B $10.50 $11.25
Student Employee C $11.25 $12.00


Student Assistant A — Performs duties that are mostly routine and non-complex in nature and which require little to no prior experience or training. A Student Assistant A typically has some knowledge and skills for the operation of office equipment, filing, interaction with the public and university community, and communication.


Student Assistant B — Performs a variety or range of duties, both routine and non-routine, complex and non-complex, which require some prior experience and/or training, skills, and knowledge, and may require an intermediate level of office, scientific, or technical skills. A Student Assistant B may oversee and coordinate the work of other student employees.


Student Assistant C — Performs a variety or range of duties that are mostly non-routine in nature or are of a specialized nature which require prior experience and/or training and a specific set of skills and/or knowledge at a higher level than the Student Assistant B (technical and non-technical). A Student Assistant C may oversee and coordinate the work of other students.



Students earning minimum wage: Student employees cannot be paid less than Oregon's minimum wage. Each student employee whose wage rate is below the minimum wage will be automatically adjusted to the new minimum wage rate through the payroll system. Supervisors do not need to submit any additional documentation.


Students earning above minimum wage: Students who have been working in a department and, as a result of the increased minimum wage rate, will be earning the same as new students may receive an increase not to exceed the increase in the minimum wage rate at the discretion of the department. Supervisors need to take into account factors such as the department budget, the student employee's level of responsibility, quality of work performance, length of service, and the degree of completion between the incumbent student employee and student employees at the minimum wage rate.


General Wage Increases: The awarding of student wage increases is at the discretion of the department. A wage increase of $ .05 to $ .25 per hour is recommended for student employees whose work performance is satisfactory or above satisfactory and who:

  • returns to the same department in the same or similar position each academic year; or,
  • are under consideration for a special merit increase under department guidelines; or,
  • progresses to a higher level within the student's job or to a new student job.

Overtime: Student jobs are eligible to earn overtime for any hours worked over 40 hours in a workweek. Overtime is paid at one and one-half (1½) a student’s hourly wage rate. All hours worked up to 40 in a workweek are paid at the student’s regular wage rate.

Pay Schedule

Student employees are paid on the last business day of each month. Payroll checks can be picked up in person (with picture identification) at the Payroll office, Churchill 160. Students may request direct deposit by providing the Payroll office with either an authorization form from their bank or a voided check and also by completing an Employee Change Form. Please contact the Payroll office at 541-552-8506 if you have any questions.


Final Paychecks

Final paychecks will only be issued outside of the normal payroll if

  1. the student is terminated by the department or
  2. the student is ending their employment with the University (not just a department) or
  3. the student is an "international student" and is leaving the country.

The student's final hours, approved by the supervisor, will need to be submitted to the payroll office and a manual check will be issued.  Advance notice to the Payroll department will help expedite the process.