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Once you have been offered and have accepted a position, you will need to complete Employment Forms in the Payroll Service Center, located in Britt Hall, on the 3rd floor. Federal regulations require that these documents be completed no later than your first day of employment.  Under no circumstances should you begin working prior to completing and signing these forms. The Service Center staff will verify your employment eligibility, which will involve completing the following forms:


Student Employment Data Form

Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
The I-9 is required for all first-time student employees and also for employees who have let their employment lapse more than three years.

As per the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986, all individuals must verify their identity and work authorization by completing a USCIS Employment Eligibility Form I-9. Section 1 of the I-9 must be completed by the student and signed prior to beginning work. Section 2 will be completed by the Service Center staff member.  You should not write on any part of section 2 of the form.

The I-9 requires that individuals verify their identity and authorization to work by submitting original documentation.  Click here for a list of acceptable documents. Please present original unexpired documentation when completing the I-9. We cannot accept faxes or copies.

Form W-4 (Tax Withholding Allowances)

All wages earned through both regular employment and Federal Work Study employment are taxable, so all students must complete tax withholding allowance forms. Students must complete a Federal W-4 and a State of Oregon W-4 if they have never worked at SOU before or if their employment has lapsed a period of 90 days or more.

Students shall complete the form with the following understandings:

  • University personnel may not make recommendations to students regarding their tax filing status. Discuss the number of allowances/exemptions with parents, guardians or tax advisors before coming to complete the form.
  • The student may be able to claim exception from withholding based upon meeting criteria indicated on the W-4 form. Exempt status expires February 15th of each year. The student must complete a new W-4 form if their exempt eligibility status continues.

FERPA (Faculty/Staff Understanding of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Voluntary Self Identification of Disability

Voluntary Self Identification of Veterans

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (Cancelled check or official bank document must be attached)

Student Employment Appointment Form
Once the student has completed their pre-employment paperwork, they will be given a Student Employee Appointment Form. The Service Center will complete the top portion of the form. They will indicate whether it is for Federal Work Study or Non-Work Study employment. For Federal Work Study employment, the amount of the student's award will be verified and included on the form so that both the student and the supervisor are aware of the amount that the student's gross earnings may not exceed. The student will take the appointment form to their supervisor for completion. The supervisor will complete the department section including their signature, have the student sign and then submit the form back to the Service Center for processing. Upon processing, the student's position will be set up and activated in Web Time Entry (SOU's electronic time recording system).

Referral forms are required for every new position that is accepted and are also only valid through June 12th, or the last day of the Spring term, whichever is later. New referrals are required either June 13th or the last school day of the Spring Term for employees continuing or rehired in the same position(s).