Welcome to the Student Employee Web-based Training. 

This training is a series of short learning modules each with a quiz at the end.  You should complete the training within the first few days of starting your on campus job.  All modules are applicable to every position here on campus in some capacity.  It will provide you with a starting point for following professional procedures in a business setting.  It will also provide you with the tools you need to handle uncomfortable situations like irate customers or co-worker conflicts.

It is important you take this training seriously and read through it thoroughly.  If you have questions or concerns about what you are learning, please refer them to your supervisor. If you need technical assistance, please call 541-552-6461.

The training is web-based through a pilot program called Moodle.  The interface is similar to Blackboard but due to the pilot program, all users must self-enroll.  Follow the instructions below and click on the link to start your training.

  1. Go to https://moodle.sou.edu/login
  2. Log in with your network login information.
  3. In the Course Categories section, click on SEO 001:Student Employee Orientation
  4. On the left hand side of the screen click on “Enroll in this course.”

Once you have enrolled in the course, you can start the training.