To schedule events, meetings, displays, or other informational material in the Stevenson Union and Britt Ballroom, you must contact the Involvement Center in SU 312, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Scheduling events and meetings should be done a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. If it is a large-scale event, there should be a minimum one-month advance scheduling. This lead time not only lets building schedulers ensure your requests can be filled, but allows enough time to make sure your publicity has enough time to reach students.

Events and Meetings

  • Activity Bids are required for clubs or organizations to request a meeting or event.
  • Rooms are available in a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Activities with historical consistency will also be given priority for scheduling.
  •  Special Event Crew Fees. The rate will begin from time the group takes possession of the facility for decorating/set-up through clean-up after the event.
  • Outdoor events are scheduled through the Stevenson Union Building Manager. Some criteria are used during the approval of an outdoor event and are listed below:
    • Time of day or night
    • Volume level of sound – especially around academic buildings including library
    • Size of group including audience
    • Effect on landscape and property
  • Events held on the courtyard of the Stevenson Union may have restrictions on sound equipment used based on when the event occurs.
  • A noise permit may be required from the City of Ashland.


  • Audio-visual equipment and room set-up needs can be arranged during the scheduling of the event or meeting.
  • There are charges for audio-visual operators to set-up and breakdown events.
  • Audio-visual and furniture needed for an event are free of charge to registered student clubs and organizations if owned by the Stevenson Union.
  • Any additional equipment that is required needs to be ordered through the Media Center, with appropriate charges being assessed to the group.
  • Priority for SU equipment and facilities may be given to paying clients and essential university functions.


The showing of films may require a public viewing license. For information about public film viewings please contact the Involvement Center (SU 312).


  • Clubs and organizations are able to utilize the Student Publicity Center located in SU 303. All costs incurred will be applied to the appropriate club or organization for use of the facility.
  • All materials submitted to the Student Publicity Center will be subject to scrutiny according to: “Standards for Practice of Public Relations” and the “AAUP-NSA Joint Statement on Freedom of the Student Press”.
  • Registered clubs and organizations can have materials printed at Duplicating Services after obtaining a signed work request from the Involvement Center. It is the group’s responsibility to submit the request to Duplicating Services.
  • The SOU Publications Office should be consulted before preparing materials to go off-campus, i.e. brochures, mailings, etc.

Posting Guidelines

  • All publicity must be approved through the Student Life Office for posting in the Stevenson Union.
  • All publicity must include the name of the sponsoring group. Only campus related events or info may be advertised on campus bulletin boards.
  • Advertisements must be placed within the boundaries of the appropriate bulletin boards.
  • Existing signs may not be covered, moved, or removed when posting new signs. All signs must conform to Oregon State laws, Ashland City ordinances, and Southern Oregon University policies. Signs in violation of these policies will be removed.
  • The university reserves the right to remove all signs at the end of each month, or at times deemed appropriate.
  • Special exceptions to the posting policy may be granted by the Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership as appropriate.
  • All reservations for the Boulevard Sign are made through the Student Publicity Center. The boulevard sign is for major events. The Student Publicity Center will make all signs and hang them, which incurs a fee for the requesting club or organization.
  • All reservations for the Kiosk Sign are made through the Student Publicity Center. The Student Publicity Center will make all signs and hang them, which incurs a fee for the requesting club or organization
  • Plastic sign holders (“table toppers”) located in Elmo’s are used to promote SOU campus activities. Contact the Student Publicity Center to reserve a space, which is considered on a first-come, first-served, space available basis.
  • Any political advertisements for candidates running for office must be posted only on the public bulletin board. This does not include student government elections.

SU Monitors

  • The SU monitors can be used to advertise for special campus events.
  • No more than two power point slides per event can be displayed on the monitor at one time.
  • Contact the Involvement Center to have an event put on the SU monitors.

Responsibility for Campus Posting Regulations

The Director of Student Activities and Leadership is responsible for interpreting campus policies related to posting. Policies related to solicitation on campus are notes in the Administrative Rules for Southern Oregon University. Appeals of any decisions made by the Director of Student Activities and Leadership will be referred to the Student Affairs Office.