Stevenson Union Administration Overview

The Stevenson Union is a social and extracurricular center of the campus community, and a focal point for campus activities for all members of the University community. The Union serves as a unifying force in the life of the University, presenting opportunities for the exchange of ideas and opinions between students, faculty and staff. The Stevenson Union houses student services and resources and provides space for the university community to meet, hold events, and informally connect to one another.

The Southern Oregon University President is authorized to determine the appropriate use of the Stevenson Union, and may delegate this authority as the President deems appropriate.

The chief administrative officer of the Stevenson Union is the Associate Director of the Stevenson Union. The function of management of the Stevenson Union is vested in the Associate Director of the Stevenson Union, who is appointed by the President of Southern Oregon University, and who is responsible to the Southern Oregon University administration. The Associate Director of the Stevenson Union shall make decisions relating to the use of the building.

The Student Union Advisory Committee (SUAC) is the primary advisory body to the Director of the Student Activities and Leadership in regards to the Stevenson Union.

The SUAC provides input and advisement to the Associate Director on matters of Stevenson Union policy, procedure, planning, budgetary matters and designated space allocation.

Stevenson Union Building Use

On-Campus Group Use
Campus clubs, organizations, and departments may schedule space in the Stevenson Union up to 1 year prior to an event or meeting.

The Stevenson Union is not routinely available for classroom use. Request for use of SU facilities for a for-credit class must be approved by the scheduling office.

Internal users will comply with the following:

  • Internal users must be present at, involved in, and significantly accountable for the event/activity being held in the SU
  • The activity must be of clear benefit to the University, its students and/or staff and must be related to the normal function of the internal users
  • The sponsoring department or student group is responsible for any damage or violations occurring in the Stevenson Union during a sponsored event
  • May co-sponsor an event with an off-campus organization if the on-campus group has the main role hosting the event
  • The internal user cannot be used as a "front" for an off-campus group to obtain benefits
  • Uphold all local, state, & federal laws
  • Abide by all SOU policies and guidelines

Off-Campus Group Use
Groups wanting to use Stevenson Union space may reserve rooms up to 6 months prior to an event or meeting, subject to availability. Off-campus groups are subject to all fees set by the Stevenson Union office. Off-campus groups must follow all policies and procedures stated in the Facility Use Agreement, and must abide by local, state, and federal laws and by SOU policies and guidelines.

Vendor Use
Any off-campus group may use Stevenson Union space as a vendor. Space as a vendor is limited to the foyer and courtyard and is subject to availability. Vendors must pay the appropriate fee as designated by the Stevenson Union office and fill out a Vendor Use Agreement form. Vendors must abide by local, state, and federal laws and by SOU policies and guidelines.

Political Groups
The Stevenson Union may be used for the purpose of holding political meetings, provided that:

  • There is no interference with regularly scheduled functions
  • Students are permitted to hear the speakers without charge
  • Sponsors pay any regular fees required for the use of the facilities
  • There is equal opportunity for each of the political party candidates to speak
  • The activity is educational in nature

Posting campaign signs, announcements, etc. in campus buildings or on campus grounds is prohibited. The public bulletin board inside the Stevenson Union is the only location on campus for posting of campaign signs or political announcements.

The Stevenson Union courtyard, raised lounge, and Elmo's are available for political candidates to visit with students, faculty, and staff. However, these areas are not to be used for speech making and no material is to be distributed.

Individuals from off-campus may solicit signatures for ballot measures in the free speech zone outside of the Stevenson Union in the courtyard only.