The Stevenson Union Steering Committee (SUSC) is a student government committee definted in the ASSOU Bylaws in Index C Section l:

l Stevenson Union Steering Committee
i The Stevenson Union Steering Committee is comprised of the Stevenson Union Senator as chair, the Associate Director of the Stevenson Union, at least two (2) other Senators, and at least two other members.  If there is no Stevenson Union Senator, then a chair shall be elected by the committee from among the other ASSOU officers on the committee.
ii The purpose of the Stevenson Union Steering Committee is to: advise and be responsible for general policies, plans, and procedures for the operation of the Stevenson Union.  The committee shall act as a board to carry out the student body’s vision for the Stevenson Union including, but not limited to, the following: providing a forum to address the needs and issues of the SU; develop immediate and long-term plans for maximizing building usage; increase the experiences and services offered through the SU; and create positive development opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

To be a member of SUSC Contact the SU Senator found at the ASSOU website.