French ClassThe Summer Language Institute/MA in French Language Teaching has a unique curriculum designed by teachers to maximize your potential as a language teacher. Through courses on language acquisition and pedagogy as well as language and culture courses, you will improve both your language proficiency and cultural understanding while becoming a better teacher. The curriculum has three types of courses:

  • Core required courses in areas such as second language acquisition theory, assessment, and teaching for proficiency
  • Language and culture electives
  • Pedagogy courses which accompany each language or culture elective and focus on practical application of various pedagogical practices.

The descriptions below give you more details on each of these types of courses.

Please note that syllabi are currently being revised to reflect the change to remote instruction for Summer 2020, and will be updated as they become available.

FR 504 - Action Research Presentation is offered in Session 2, but students may present during either session. We will contact our AR students to set up a time to present via Zoom.