Angers Classroom 2The Summer Language Institute/MA in French Language Teaching has a unique curriculum designed by teachers to maximize your potential as a language teacher. Through courses on language acquisition and pedagogy as well as language and culture courses, you will improve both your language proficiency and cultural understanding while becoming a better teacher. The curriculum has three types of courses:

  • Core required courses in areas such as second language acquisition theory, assessment, and teaching for proficiency
  • Language and culture electives
  • Pedagogy courses which accompany each language or culture elective and focus on practical application of various pedagogical practices.

The descriptions below give you more details on each of these types of courses.


The Summer Language Institute for French Teachers offers you the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in French Language Teaching (a total of 45 credits) over three summers. You may earn up to 18 credits each summer.

Five 3-credit required core courses:

  • FL 511, Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Practice
  • FL 514 Action Research
  • FL 512 Teaching for Proficiency: Methods and Strategies
  • FL 513 Foreign Language Assessment: Principles and Strategies
  • FL 515 Teaching with Technology 

A minimum of 29 credits of French Language and Culture courses:

These elective courses vary each summer, providing students with a variety of options. They are designed to build students' linguistic and cultural knowledge and enhance their pedagogical skills. Each of these courses is accompanied by a pedagogy course (2 credits) The following are examples of courses taught in the past.

  • Communicative Grammar (3 credits) with Teaching Grammar in Context (2 credits)
  • French Heritage Cinema (3 credits) with Teaching Language with Film (2 credits)
  • La France et ses immigrés (3 credits) with Teaching Culture (2 credits)
  • Le Théâtre du 20è (3 credits) with Teaching Language through Theater (2 credits)
  • Expression écrite (3 credits) with Teaching Writing (2 credits)
  • Contes et nouvelles (3 credits) with Teaching Language through Literature (2 credits)
  • Peinture du 19ème siècle (3 credits) with Teaching Language through Art (2 credits)
  • La Phonétique française (3 credits) with Teaching Pronunciation (2 credits)
  • Les Régions de France à travers le cinéma (3 credits) with Individual Differences (2 credits)

A 1-credit Action Research Project:

During the school year prior to your final year in the program, if you are a masters candidate, you will conduct an action research project with your own students/at your own school. You will write a 30-40 page paper (plus bibliography and appendices) documenting the project. The action research project, presentation and paper take the place of a thesis project, and are graded based on the AR project rubric and the AR presentation rubric.



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