The Sustainability Council is currently accepting applications for 2018-2019 Council membership. Interestd in serving on the Council? Please fill out a student or faculty/staff application. Contact with any questions.


The next Sustainability Council meeting will be in Fall 2018. Date and location TBD.


To assist SOU in remaining at the forefront of sustainability and to better coordinate and chronicle the many environmental enhancement activities in our region and on campus, the SOU Sustainability Council was established in April of 2007.


The mission of the Sustainability Council is to advise, encourage, and coordinate the operations, research, and campus culture of Southern Oregon University in a manner that is consistent with the values and practices of environmental stewardship and sustainability; promoting individual, institutional and community well-being.


From the President's memo establishing the Council:

"The Sustainability Council will be a University-wide group appointed to (1) advise me and the Executive Council in matters relating to sustainability and environmental impact; (2) promote environmental stewardship; (3) coordinate efforts of individuals and groups on campus; and (4) educate the campus community about sustainable practices.

The charge of the Council is to: Lead through example by promoting the incorporation of environmental concerns in University decisions

Promote conservation of natural resources to the best of our ability and the creation of sustainable practices and programs on campus

Educate our community about the necessity of sustainable environmental practices and ecologically friendly economics

Identify and support research areas and topics for faculty and students

Build relationships with local governments, businesses, and local citizens in order to promote environmentally sound practices within the region

Know and understand local, national and international programs to ensure that our environmental practices and policies adhere to or exceed the global vision for a sustainable future."

Council Members

Roxane Beigel-Coryell,
Sustainability & Recycling Coordinator - Co-Chair

Jill Smedstad
Environmental and Community Engagement Coordinator - Co-Chair

Gregory Perkinson
Vice President for Finance & Administration

Keith Beed
Supervisor, Utilities/HVAC

Jennifer Longshore
 Sr. Instructor, Art and Art History

Vincent Smith
Adjunct Instructor, Sociology/Environmental Studies

Gerry Gander
Executive Chef, SOU Dining

Daniel Tharp
University Housing Office Specialist

Lindsay Swanson
ASSOU Director of Sustainability, Student

Jenny Nitzky
At-large Member, undergraduate student

Kayla Bondoc
At-large Member, undergraduate student

Jamie Hickner
At-large Member, faculty

Alissa Kolodzinski
At-large Member, staff

Pavlina McGrady
At-large Member, faculty

Leslie Eldridge
At-large Member, faculty



The Council is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Interestd in serving on the Council? Please fill out a student or faculty/staff application. Contact with any questions.