Southern Oregon University’s Recycling Program was founded by students in 2011 as part of a SOU Full Circle Recycling Logocapstone project focused on closing the gap between production and disposal by diverting waste from the landfill. The program is committed to providing comprehensive recycling services including conveniently-located recycling stations throughout the SOU campus, development of educational programs and events, and serving as a resource center for SOU and the surrounding community. Through these services, SOU Recycling helps sustain the beauty of the Rogue Valley for future generations while supporting SOU’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

SOU Recycles

SOU's Recycling Center sorts more than 6,000 pounds of recycling each month, on average. Thanks to your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, SOU is:

Diverting 56% of campus waste from the landfill!

 What can be recycled at SOU?

SOU recycling is picked up from the Recycling Center by our local waste hauler, Recology Ashland Sanitary. For an updated list on what can be accepted in the recycling, visit Ashland Recology.






For any questions about recycling or to request containers for your event please contact SOU's Sustainability & Recycling Coordinator at 541-552-8139 or email


 Want to get involved?

The SOU Recycling Program has many volunteer and internship opportunities open to students and community members including:Students Pledging To Recycle

Call 541-552-8139 or email for more information.