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ECOS (Ecologys and Sustainability Resource Center) - The Ecology and Sustainability Resource Center (ECOS) serves as an environmental resource center for SOU.  ECOS has funding and connections to help students with ecologically related projects and initiatives, and often partner with community organizations to perform community service work. They have a comfortable office in the Stevenson Union room 105 and anyone is welcome to come hang out. 


Full Circle Recycling - SOU's Full Circle Recycling Program offers volunteer and internship opportunities for students and community members including working at the Recycling Center, special events, and developing educational programs for campus. See their website for more information or contact: 541-552-8139


The Farm at SOU - The Farm at SOU serves as a regional hub for innovative sustainability training, leadership, and technology. Faculty, staff and students maintain a greenhouse, barn, apiary, orchard, outdoor classroom, and operational farm. The Raider Farm Stand brings low cost fruits and vegetables to the student body and staff. Students involved with the farm stand learn management, marketing, agroecology, and other valuable skills. Volunteer opportunities are available for any student, faculty or staff member. Come learn, play or just hang out. Student research projects are encouraged. For more information contact us at: or check out our Facebook page:


Green Fund - Have a sustainability project you would like to see done on campus? Need a little funding to make it happen? Apply for a grant from the Green Fund! The Green Fund is a self-imposed student fee of $10-$15 per term paid by each student. While some of the money is used to offset 100% of SOU’s water use (making us the first university to do so! Go Raiders!) the rest of the pot is available for students to use for sustainability projects! Projects that have been funded in the past include the Stevenson Union solar installation and the SOU Center for Sustainability. Projects can be big or small but must contribute to sustainability at SOU. Simply contact the Environmental Affairs Committee to submit your request by emailing


Net Impact - Net Impact members believe in the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. What about you? Join the movement, and make your impact.


OSPIRG - OSPIRG is a student directed non-profit organization that works to take on really big problems by concentration on solutions that actually make a difference for the public at large. This includes working to protect our environment and helping the homeless. Contact:


Civic Engagement - Looking to get more involved in the community?  Want to find a great place to volunteer? Interested in traveling to a different community to do service and explore intriguing issues? Programs include: 

  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Mini-Breaks
  • Hunger & Homelessness Alleviation
  • Annual Days of Service
  • Orientation Activities

Environmental Education (EE) Club
- In conjunction with the Master’s Program in Environmental Education at SOU, the EE club will provide opportunities to: - Acquaint SOU students with their regional, natural, and cultural heritage. - Collaborate with peers to design and deliver place-based curriculum using creativity, systems thinking, and experiential learning. - Ready students for success in core degree requirements, specifically creating unit design techniques - thematic, with clearly defined outcomes - for the Field Practical Exam. Contact:

Have an idea for a sustainability project you would like to implement on campus?

Contact SOU's Sustainability & Recycling Coordinator: email- or call 541-552-8139


There are many ways to reduce one's impact on the environment. Check out these web pages for ideas and information:

Also, if you have ideas about how SOU can further pursue sustainable initiatives, please email