Mission Statement
The Farm at Southern Oregon University is a center for sustainability. The student-led organic farm produces healthy, sustainably harvested food for the SOU community.  It is a hub for education, student and faculty research and community outreach to the Rogue Valley.  Projects on The Farm inspire a generation of ecologically-committed leaders who promote a vision of living and working sustainably in community and on the land

Vision and Goals
The SOU Center for Sustainability is an interdependent hub of sustainability training, leadership, and technology in southern Oregon. Through community and industry partnership, the Center models innovation, global citizenry, and sustainable living. The Center adds beauty to the SOU campus through a commitment to integrating art and science.  This includes public art installations, sustainability design charettes, and transformational dialogue. Students, faculty, and staff of the Center work closely with community leaders, children, families, businesses, neighbors, leaders, and government to inspire sustainable practices through hands-on education and solutions. The Center is a place of respect for culture and tradition that models equity, promotes ecological consciousness, and values fiscal responsibility. The innovative structure of the Center encourages service learning by providing a place for career exploration, community-based problem solving and synergistic partnerships.


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