Be a Part of the, “I am the First...” Campaign

The term “first generation” may seem to be the newest buzzword in higher education, yet it has been active as early as 1965 with the signing of the Higher Education Act. Despite early beginnings, first generation college enrollment continues to increase despite tuition and cost. However, first generation students often face many educational barriers in their pursuit in obtaining a bachelor’s degree, money being the leading barrier. 

54% of first generation students report they could not afford to continue going to school as a reason for leaving college. Success at Southern’s TRiO Student Support Services is bringing awareness to the SOU community.

That is why we are seeking administrators, faculty, staff and students that would be willing to volunteer their stories in our upcoming SOU event prior to November 8th. If you are interested in sharing your “I am the First...” stories, please contact Belisario Nigenda at or Chris Mahan at