Brace Yourself For Smash-A-Thon!!!

Wee OOO Wee OOO A new challenger approaches!!! 

The Video Gamer’s Coalition is hosting a Super Smash Bro’s tournament on February 9, from 1 to around 7 pm in the SU Arena! 

This event will contain separate tournaments for Smash Melee, Project M, & the latest installment in the series, Smash Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! There will be free food and several raffles prizes, and the top three winners of each game get their own choice of a grand prize! 

The cost to enter to compete in each game is $6. This event is open to non-SOU gamers in the community.

If you’d just like to observe it’s free of charge. There will also be a non-competitive section where you can play stress-free (for free). 

Swing on by the SU Arena if you’re interested in settling it in Smash. 

If there are any questions please email the VGC President at And be sure to mark that you’ll be attending via SOU Connect.

This marks the first event held by VGC this academic year so please be sure to come join us for a truly smashing experience!