Build Your Future and Join SO Youth

This year we are recruiting volunteers who are passionate about leadership and civic engagement. SO Youth is a student of color support system toward post-secondary education and cultural empowerment. This program currently collaborates with SOU Pathway Programs and area school districts to provide academic assistance and monthly workshops. Workshops are led by Youth Partners (mentors) and will provide students with knowledge on different topics, including but not limited to Post-Secondary Applications, Financial Aid, Cultural Identity, and Student Success. These workshops will introduce students to various colleges/universities, explore different career opportunities, and allow the students to engage intellectually with their peers. We welcome all mentors regardless of race/ethnicity. 

Based on most of the sites, it is expected to be held Tues/Thurs 3:30pm-5:30pm. The commitment is 1 workshop/month and weekly tutoring led by you.

Please contact Genesis Beas to apply or learn more!