The Sustainability Council has put out a call for nominations for Sustainability Awards for the Sustainability and Service Recognition Ceremony. The Sustainability Awards at Southern Oregon University are designed to acknowledge the work of students, faculty, and staff who are working to promote sustainability on campus. These awards will be given out during the Sustainability and Service Recognition Ceremony taking place on Monday, June 5th from 5 - 7 pm in the Meese Room of the Hannon Library. 

Nominate an outstanding individual or group in each of the following categories:
Social: The social sustainability award is given to an initiative or individual that helped to promote social equity, justice, and the protection of human rights. Such projects could include service work in the community, initiatives to support vulnerable members of our community, or other efforts that focus on the human element of sustainability.

Environmental: The environmental sustainability award is given to an initiative that worked to ensure that our campus and communities are living within the means of our natural resources. These projects could include water conservation, responsible landscaping, waste reduction, energy efficiency or other efforts that reduce the university’s impact on the environment.

Economic: The economic sustainability award is given to an initiative that worked to change how SOU uses its funds, promoting policy and/or practices that ensure financial practices that support a sustainable future. These projects could include working to change SOU’s investment policy, improving the university’s green purchasing practices, or any projects that seek to ensure that the university’s financial choices do not negatively impact the environment or social equity.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate and bring awareness to Sustainability at SOU!

Nominations are due by: Wednesday, May 24th
Link to nomination form: