Costa Rica EF Tour Summer 2018 Inside Story
Dr Vincent Smith (, 541-552-6802) and Dr Alissa Arp are taking students to Costa Rica to study Sustainable Development and Tropical Ecology! The course is open to SOU Students and Community Members (as non-admitted students).

When: Within 3 days of July 26 (Tour Company sets an exact date in April)

Course Structure: Enrolled students will attend 4 hours of on-campus orientation. Orientation will cover both trip logistics as well as specific environmental coursework. Students will also be asked to utilize provided online resources to prepare for the topics that will be covered in the course. The course will then culminate with 11 days in Costa Rica.

Cost: The combined cost of the trip is approximately $5,000 depending on room type and residency (standard room trip fee: $3,749), six credits of resident tuition ($990).

Step1: Learn more about our itinerary and register by visiting here, or call (877) 485-4184 (April 15 Deadline)

Step 2: Enroll in the mandatory six credit course during summer term enrollment. SOU students will register for a summer course as usual. Community members may register for the course in spring term here. Course cost will be determined by residency status. Residents of Oregon will pay $990.24 for the six credit course.

Step 3: All students registered for the EF Tour by April 15th will begin receiving course materials beginning in May. Course materials will include updated logistics, course syllabus, and course readings.

Step 4: In July of 2018, you will be invited to attend two 2-hour class sessions to prepare you for the tropical ecology and sustainable development materials we will be discussing on our trip. You will also be given access to an online learning platform (Moodle) where additional readings and learning materials will be available.

Step 5: We will travel together to San Jose, Costa Rica for an 11-day adventure. Hotel accommodations will be rustic as we will largely be staying in rural areas. Your trip fee will have paid for all of your expenses except tips and souvenir money. Should you decide to stay in Costa Rica beyond our course or choose to join us in San Jose via an airport other than Medford, you will be able to arrange this with EF Tours.

Step 6: Shortly after our trip to Costa Rica, we will meet again in Ashland for shared food, stories, and pictures. We hope that what you will learn will change you forever.

See you soon!!!