Check out your alternative extended travel options!

Spring Break is just around the corner! If you have any plans to get out of town but aren’t sure how to get where you need to go because you don’t own a vehicle; or if you don’t want to drive. Don’t worry, there are a bunch of great options to get you to your perfect Spring Break destination!

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit right here in Oregon that are not too far and can be a fun day trip adventure, sign up for a membership with Zip Car today and get 50% off on rates for students! Better yet, go in on gas with your friends and turn your shared ride into a fun road trip! 

Want to check out the coast, but don’t want to drive the long and winding roads? Check out The Point Shuttle, which will take you as far west as Crescent City, or east to Klamath Falls where you can catch a fun train ride with Amtrak. 

If you are looking to carpool, you can find links with other Raiders via This is a great spot to link up with other SOU students in the area while also earning monthly prizes by logging your trips not driven alone. 

Also, stay tuned for the 2-week long 5000-mile challenge coming up in April, which is being put on by our Transportation Options program. This is a challenge to cumulatively reach 5000 miles traveled by any other means than driving alone! There will be fun events and GREAT PRIZES, all you have to do is log your trips and miles via to start participating! 

Going a little bit further? 

The Amtrak rail runs north along the Cascade mountain range providing you with beautiful scenery while ensuring a fun ride as far north as north as Seattle, and south as San Francisco where you can catch connecting trains/ buses to just about anywhere in the U.S!

If traveling by train doesn’t work for you, the Greyhound bus is another great alternative! The local Greyhound Station is located in Medford if you want to buy your ticket in person, or you can skip the line and buy it online and be picked up curbside in Ashland. 

If you’re wanting to fly, the Rogue Valley International Airport (MFR) (located in Medford) is the place to go. Buy your ticket through your favorite travel site or in person at the airport and you are on your way. 

Also, if you need a ride to the airport, hit up the Cascade Shuttle, they can pick you up from your doorstep and drop you at your gate. Call to make your reservation at (541) 488-1998. 

Whether it’s a trek across the state, across the country or across the globe, you have options for Spring Break! Go out and be adventurous!

by Morgan Bechtold-Enge - Transportation Options Coordinator
March 9th, 2017