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Are you into Science Fiction, time travel, or zombies? Explore Indigenous filmmaker's work in these themes. Dr. Grace Dillon's Indigenous Sci-Fi compilation, "Indigenous Futurisms" will be screening at the SOU Stevenson Union Arena Thursday, April 20 at 7:30 pm. A member of the Anishinaabe tribe and a professor of Native American Studies at Portland State University, Dillon has combined her interests in science fiction and traditional cultures to create the field of indigenous futurism. This field overturns the idea of the "vanishing Indian" and replaces it with the possibility of alternative futures created by and including Indigenous people from all around the world.

Possible films for this event are:
?E?ANX (The Cave) (Helen Haig Brown)
Horse (Archer Pechawis)
Savage (Lisa Jackson)
The Migration (Sydney Freeland)
Indigo (Amanda Strong)
The Path Without End (Elizabeth La Pensee)

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by Brook Colley - Assistant Professor of NAS
April 12th, 2017