Interpreters Available  for SOU Events

Hey SOU Community!

Did you know that SOU provides ASL interpreting for SOU hosted shows, conferences, speaking events, commencement and everything in between?

You can request an interpreter, and other Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) services, for your event as soon as you have the date, time and location finalized. Advanced notice for request will likely ensure that there are available interpreters. In general, this means at least a week before the event.

To submit a request for interpreting or DHH services, go to Disability Resources’ Inside SOU Page. There is a tab on the left navigation bar titled, “Deaf & Hard of Hearing Svcs.” The DHH page expands on services beyond interpreting, but specifically for an interpreting request there is a request form which allows the DR Office to track requests and services used throughout the year. About two thirds of the way down the page in red text is the link “Custom Request form here.” Through this link student groups, professors and professional staff can request interpreters, captioned media, or transcription.

You’ll need to provide:

- Contact Person

- Department

- Phone number

- Email Address

- Index Number for Bill Back

Event information and details are also required.

- Event Name

- Speaker(s), if applicable

- Event Date

- Start Time

- End Time

- Request Times

- Interpreting

- Video Captioning

- Audio Description

- Real-Time Transcribing

There is also a section to provide additional details.

Click submit after finalizing all the details and you are set! Once the request is submitted you will be contacted by our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator to confirm receipt of the request and provision of interpreting.

If any part of this process is confusing, feel free to reach out to us via our email, or call us at (541)552-6213, option 2.