The first cohort of the Leadership Fellows Program just wrapped up its year! We are now looking for new passionate and dedicated students who would like to make a commitment to developing themselves as leaders!

The purpose of the Leadership Fellows Program is to create a community of students who come together to focus and reflect on leadership. We believe students' benefit from sharing experiences and problem solving with other students. Our hope is that students will finish the program with the ability to reflect, articulate, and apply their values, knowledge and experiences. Leadership Fellows should maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA.

Program Description:
* Curriculum rooted in theory and the needs of the SOU community
* Cohort based with 25-30 students in the 2016-17 school year
* Five (5) Leadership Fellows meetings each term (dates listed below)
* Sessions are learner-centered, most often discussion based, case studies, and activities that pull the knowledge from 
the students rather than being didactic
* New this year - LFP Students will organize a student leadership conference

Benefits of becoming a Leadership Fellow:
* Construct a personal philosophy about leadership
* Develop understanding, knowledge, and skills that you can use in your career and community work
* Build strong relationships with other student organization leaders and share insights
* Each new Fellow will be assigned a returning Fellow as a mentor

To apply please visit this link: