Metals and Civilization - A Winter Strand H Offering

Need to fulfill your Strand H (Science Integration) requirement?
Consider taking Metals and Civilization this winter!

Integrating natural sciences, human experience, and innovation, this exciting interdisciplinary course examines the importance of the discovery and utilization of metal ores, and highlights their impact on the historical ascendance and decline of different civilizations.

As we explore geology, history, archaeology, and our adaptation to natural resources, we will consider the roles of human innovation and invention, as related to the use of different metals, in the rise and expansion of cultures in geographically diverse areas.

Questions? Write to the instructor, Dr. Jad D’Allura, at, or!

Meets TR 10:30-11:45 in SC 236.
CRN 3986 - 3 credits.

This course does have a required study guide/manual, and a free textbook resource will also be made available.