Need a Winter H Strand Course? Join BI 388 - Conservation of Natural Resources

Our world is everyone’s responsibility – how can you make a difference?

Culture, ethics and economics influence the relationship between humans and natural resources. What are the principles of a sustainable society and of sustainable development? How may we critically evaluate environmental issues in this day and age?

This course will explore the history, principles and practices of natural resource use and abuse, particularly in the United States. We will study ecological and historical perspectives, the trends and impact of human population growth on these resources, and perspectives on key resource issues including food, water, agriculture, forests and biodiversity. Students in this class will critically evaluate their personal role in a sustainable society.

I took Conservation of Natural Resources as a Fine Arts major and it has influenced the way I view the world and how I would like to use my degree. This class contains knowledge that will benefit all students, regardless of area of study, through delving into real-world problem solving and discussion of current issues. I consider this the most impactful class of my education at Southern Oregon University.  - Laynie McCartney, '18  

BI 388’s CRN is 3797 and will meet TR 1:30-3:20 in SC 210.

If you have questions about this course, please reach out to Dr. Carol Ferguson at