The Inter Club Council is a self-governing committee of ASSOU. The student leaders of ICC are charged with helping student organizations fulfill their purpose, do big things, and navigate university processes have been up to some great things this summer!

The group has been:
Learning the new updates to SOU Connect to better explain to their peers
Creating clearer trainings for student leaders
Planning their annual Involvement Fair (9/28) and other events
Creating communication systems that will help student organizations stay on track with their commitments easier 

The group is very strongly committed to leading educational procedures meant to help students achieve their goals. 

The 2017-2018 Student Leaders are:
Molly Danfoth, ICC Director
Maddie Sutton, ICC Assistant Director
Mark Davis, ICC Allocations Committee Chair 

They all look forward to meeting you this upcoming school year! 

You can find more information about ICC on their SOU Connect page.