New Spring Break Travel Course to Guanajuato, Mexico!


Join SOU students and Economics Professor Bret Anderson as we travel to Guanajuato, Mexico over Spring Break to do field research on a social issue in partnership with students from La Universidad de Guanajuato! Two weeks after we return from Mexico, we will then host the Guanajuato students here in Ashland to continue our field research in a different setting. Once our cross-cultural field research is concluded, we will travel to Salem, Oregon to discuss our work with state legislators.

"Students stand to get a solid boost to their life resum├ęs, not to mention earning 4 upper division SOU credits", said Professor Anderson. "When we crafted this program with our colleagues in Guanajuato, we all thought that this will be a great way to build some deep and meaningful connections with students at our sister university in Guanajuato."

SSCI: 399 is a 4-credit course that takes place over two weeks. One week in Mexico during spring break and the other in Ashland during mid-April. The title of the course this year is "A Cross Cultural Study of Work, Identity, and Livelihood in the 21st Century". It is open to students of all majors. Professor Anderson stated that many programs have expressed an openness to count this course as an elective, though students should talk to their academic advisors about it.

The costs are expected to be about $1,400 and there will be several fund raising opportunities available to help offset some of the costs. In fact, the EconClub has already raised several hundred dollars to help offset the housing costs for our Guanajuato visitors.

For more information on the course, please contact Professor Bret Anderson at or stop by his office in Taylor 220. Commitments for the course will need to be made soon Students that sign up by the end of January will have priority.