Nominations Open Now for the Sustainability Recognition Ceremony!

The SOU Sustainability Council and ECOS Sustainability Resource Center are pleased to announce the third annual Sustainability Recognition Ceremony at Southern Oregon University on June 4th at the Farm at SOU!

What makes this event special is the focus on highlighting all the many ways the SOU community is working toward a better, more sustainable and just world now and for the future! Nominations for recognition are open now through May 27th! Use the nomination form to recognize specific group and individual accomplishments across all areas of sustainability including initiatives advancing social justice, environmental stewardship, community service, and more! 

Anyone from SOU may submit one or more nominations, and feel free to nominate your own program(s) or initiatives. All nominees will be notified and invited to attend the event.

The event will feature recognition of all notable individual and group achievements, followed by awards to be given to three outstanding groups, projects, and/or individuals.

Nominations are due by May 27th.

What even is sustainability, though? 

If you’re thinking about renewable fuel sources, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting environments, then you’re not alone. But sustainability is so much more than that!

SOU defines sustainability as a balance of the interconnections between humans, the environment and the economy. Sustainability acknowledges that resources are finite and should be managed with a long-term view. A sustainable institution promotes ecological integrity, fosters social equity, and supports a healthy economy for all. In 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development met to discuss and develop a set of goals to work towards. Here are just some of those goals:

  • The end of poverty and hunger
  • Better standards of education and healthcare - particularly as it pertains to water quality and better sanitation
  • To achieve gender equality
  • Sustainable economic growth while promoting jobs and stronger economies
  • All of the above and more while tackling the effects of climate change, pollution and other environmental factors that can harm and do harm people’s health, livelihoods and lives.
  • Sustainability to include health of the land, air and sea

Do you know of a project, group, or individual whose work reflects these goals and deserves some recognition?

Please consider nominating any student, staff, faculty, initiative, group or program that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability (in any of its many manifestations), so that we can celebrate their efforts and achievements! 

Nominate them today!