Nominations Wanted for the Raider Academy Awards 2019!

The Raider Academy Awards Ceremony recognizes students, staff, and faculty for their outstanding leadership and amazing contributions to the Southern Oregon University community. 

The nomination form can be found here.  Nominations are due April 26th by 5pm.

Please take some time to nominate a student or other campus leader and encourage your peers to do the same. At the event, all nominees will receive a copy of their nomination. 

Do you want to come celebrate our community at the ceremony?Join us! Wednesday, May 29th, 2018 at 4:00pm in the Rogue River Room for the full ceremony. Keep checking the Student Life Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information about the celebration. 

Students and Student Groups can be nominated for the following:

  • Student Organization of the Year
  • Outstanding Leadership in Arts & Creativity
  • Outstanding Leadership in Community Building
  • Outstanding Leadership in Creative Collaboration
  • Outstanding Leadership in Environmental Stewardship
  • Outstanding Leadership in Social Justice
  • Outstanding Leadership in Civic Engagement
  • Outstanding Leadership in Health & Wellness 
  • Raider Hero - an award for students who positively influenced the campus from behind the scenes
  • Victor Mills Award - A cash prize award for a graduating senior who has significantly impacted campus 
  • Staff and faculty can be nominated for:
  • Outstanding Leadership by a Staff Member
  • Outstanding Leadership by a Faculty Member

All are encouraged to participate but student voices are strongly encouraged!
RAA is organized by ASSOU, Housing, RHA and Student Life.