Sleep Out!
The Civic Engagement Program will be hosting its first ever Sleep Out event. Sleep Out is a fundraiser that functions to increase awareness of homelessness and housing insecurity. This is not a simulation of "homelessness", but rather an act of solidarity to show members of our community who struggle with these conditions that SOU cares. We will be sleeping out on campus, as well as talking about current research that relates to what is going on in Jackson County. In addition, we will have dinner with a couple Maslow Project representatives, and engage in community building exercises that will encourage friendships and explore our individual context of perseverance.

All proceeds of this event will help fund the Maslow Project which is nonprofit organization dedicated to serving homeless populations in the area. This event will take place on Britt Lawn (right next to Shasta Hall). It will begin at 5 pm on May 22nd and end May 23 at 8am (Coffee will be offered in the morning).

To sign up, go to TINYURL.COM/SLEEPOUT2018