The SOU parking department is excited to announce the implementation of our new parking software system that utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology! We have partnered with NuPark through a vigorous vetting process to bring SOU the best parking service available.

LPR Technology uses your license plate on your vehicle as your permit (aka... Virtual Permit). Students will be able to have two license plates registered and employees will be able to have three, however, you can only have one vehicle on campus at a time per permit. LPR will replace all the stickers and hang tag permits SOU has used in the past.

In keeping with SOU's mission for sustainability the parking department purchased a Hybrid Ford CMAX to use as our parking patrol vehicle. There are two cameras mounted on the roof of the vehicle that scan license plates and match them in the NuPark system that validates parking for that vehicle or identifies the vehicle as a violator and alerts us to issues a citation.

Changes in the Parking Lots

You might have noticed that there has been some serious maintenance going on in some of our parking lots that has been long overdue, big shout out to Jim McNamara at FMP for helping us with contracts and vendors. You will also notice we have painted colored dots in all the parking stalls; these dots represent the permissions for each parking stall.




Resident Student


Commuter Student


Meter Permit


  1. Because your license plate is now your permit, there will be no more placing sticker permits onto the back of your vehicle!
  2. No more standing in line to pick up your parking permit, or waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Now you will be able to go online to the SOU parking website, set up an account through the SOU Parking portal, register your vehicle information, pay online via credit card, and instantly have parking permissions linked to your license plate.
  3. For years, students and employees have requested that permits be available for purchase by the term. With our new system, you will now be able to buy your parking permit for the full year OR for just a single term. Those who know they will need to commute all year can save a little time and money by purchasing a full annual permit at the beginning of the academic year, which is valid for all four terms (fall, winter, spring and summer). At the same time, a student who is graduating in December, does not have to pay the full price for an annual permit, instead they can purchase a single term virtual permit.
  4. Not only can you purchase your permit via credit card through our SOU Parking online portal, but you can also appeal or pay parking citations online as well.
  5. Changing vehicles or driving a rental car for a few days will no longer require a trip to the Parking office. Updating your information can be done online through the SOU Parking customer portal.

Permit prices for Annual Parking Permits will cost only $140 for the year (for students), and $150 (for faculty/staff). We added a single term permit that will cost $50 for both students and faculty/staff.

For questions, please email: