SOU Rowing - Join the Journey - A Winning Tradition

In April, Southern Oregon University won the gold medal in the Varsity Women’s Pair at the Western Intercollegiate Championships. Now is your chance to join a winning team!

Have you ever wanted to grow as an individual into a team? Do you like getting fit and getting fast? The SOU Rowing team is looking for you!

Join us at Emigrant Lake for beautiful mornings on the lake, learning to row.

No experience is needed. Train to compete against University of Washington, Oregon, UC San Diego, Purdue University and Michigan State University to name just a few !

Looking for athletes, aspiring athletes, and coxswains;

“Rowing is, in a number of ways, a sport of fundamental paradoxes. For one thing, an eight-oared racing shell—powered by unusually large and physically powerful men or women—is commanded, controlled, and directed by the smallest and least powerful person in the boat. The coxswain (nowadays often a female even in an otherwise male crew) must have the force of character to look men or women twice his or her size in the face, bark orders at them, and be confident that the leviathans will respond instantly and unquestioningly to those orders. It is perhaps the most incongruous relationship in sports.”

― Daniel James Brown, Boys in the Boat

Get more information at our call-out meetings:

Thursday October 3rd at 7pm AND Tuesday October 8th at 7pm
in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) Conference Room.

Questions until then? Feel free to contact our president Molly at