Sustainability Tip of the Month:

Detox yourself.

It can be helpful to step back and detox, especially when life is really stressful. Here are some ideas for how to physically and mentally detox yourself. 

Take a Break: No matter whether it’s sugar, or your smartphone, it can be refreshing to take a break from routines that have become too commonplace. Taking a break can not only be a personal challenge (such as with sugar withdrawal), but it can give you a new perspective on daily life.

Add Something In: Adding stress reducing routines can help us handle stress better. Try taking up exercise, like walking or biking. If you need to slow down, consider Yoga or meditation. As long as it helps you be more balanced, it will help your body detox itself of stress-induced hormones.

Go Natural with Your Personal Hygiene: Many personal hygiene products contain chemicals that haven’t necessarily been tested for human or environmental safety. Instead, switch to products where you can understand the words in the ingredients list. Want an extra challenge? Try making your own at home.

Cook and Buy Local or Organic Ingredients: Cooking your own food gives you control over what you are eating so you are less likely to over-consume sugar, salt, and food additives that are commonly found in processed or fast food. If you can afford to buy local or organic, you will not only reduce your exposure to pesticides but also reduce your ecological footprint.

by Roxane Beigel-Coryell - Sustainability & Recycling Coordinator
March 9th, 2017