Do you garden or have a yard? If so, consider replacing your grass and ornamental plants with native plants to save money and time.

Here's why:
* Less maintenance: Native plants are already adapted to the local environment so your plants will require minimal attention and maintenance.
* Help local wildlife and pollinators: Local wildlife need resting areas between home habitats. Native plants can provide those safe havens along with food. Even better, you'll get a wildlife viewing area right in your own yard or garden.
* Use less water: Once established, many native plants need minimal watering beyond normal rainfall.
* Freedom from pesticides: Native plants already have defenses in place to minimize damage from pests and diseases. They can also be homes to beneficial insects that would otherwise be killed by pesticides, which can help protect any food-growing plants that you also have growing.

For more information about native plants and water saving tips, visit or .

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