A group of SOU students, faculty, staff members, and community partners will be traveling to Panama and Costa Rica from July 14 to July 26, 2018. You are invited to join us! Our itinerary is full of fun and educational activities. Please click here for details.

The well-known and respected tour company, Education First College Study Tours (EF), is organizing the trip under the direction of Southern Oregon University Professors Prakash Chenjeri and Ken Mulliken. It costs $95 to enroll. Included in that price are roundtrip airfare, all ground transportation, all hotel lodging, all meals, a full-time native tour director, local guides, and 24/7 logistical support from EF.

This trip is part of The Democracy Project at Southern Oregon University and builds upon very successful trips to India in 2015, Europe in 2016, and South Africa in 2017. The Democracy Project is a comprehensive international examination of democracy, including its historical evolution, the roles of women and minority groups, and concepts such as sovereignty, nationalism, citizenship, patriotism, imperialism, freedom, liberty, security, justice, ethics, and equality. The need for conflict resolution, responsible global citizenship, and the spread of democracy is greater than ever. To solve shared challenges of the twenty-first century, emerging leaders need a solid understanding of how democracy is perceived, implemented, and promoted around the world. The Democracy Project is designed to support and encourage these goals.

We hope you will consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!