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The Veterans Resource Center at Southern Oregon University is committed to serving students based on a framework of integrity, serving others, and excellence in student support. We do this by creating regular programming, educating the university community through outreach initiatives, and partnering with campus and community agencies in support of the Military affiliated population at SOU.

The VRC provides assistance to Veterans and Military Families as they work to achieve their educational and personal goals at the university. We welcome our Military, Veterans, and their families to the VRC and we are thankful for your service.

Additional information about the VRC:

  • Located on the 3rd floor of the Stevenson Union the VRC has a computer lab, couches, lockers, and a kitchenette  
  • We provide a dedicated space for Veterans and Military Families to work on homework, print papers for their classes, as well as a place to connect and network with others in our community
  • We assist with benefit information and applications, help students work through the admissions process, and assist with class and major selection
  • In a partnership with our career support staff and other agencies, we provide information and resources on career programs and job placement opportunities 
  • There are a number of programs, events, and outreach initiatives coordinated by the VRC each month in support of our students' transition into the college
  • We assist a student in locating resources related to health and wellness, stress and time management, financial planning, to include other related areas 
  • The VRC is also the primary advocate for Veterans and Military Families at SOU