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2015 Seminars

The Conference includes three breakout sessions, during which you can choose from among three powerful seminars with Rogue Valley leaders.

First morning seminar - 10:00-11:00am

You're Famazing: How To Tell Everyone Else, Feel Good, and Grow Your Business Persistence as an Essential Leadership Skill A Seat at the
Board Table

Self-promotion may feel awkward and marketing yourself is absolutely essential to career and business growth. Join serial entrepreneur Ginger Johnson in a rollickin' good time examining the purpose of marketing, importance of constancy to purpose, and well executed communication.

What do serving in the US military and growing grapes have in common? The same thing you need to succeed: an absolute necessity for persistence. While pop culture often associates leadership with charisma, true leadership requires steady determination and a will to succeed.

Join DeeAnne Everson for a 60 minute session on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of board service. And most importantly, begin your journey to discover your own passion, what you bring and why you should be in service!

Second morning seminar - 11:15am-12:15pm

The Stories We Tell Ourselves and Other Aspects
of Preparing to Lead
Living Generously: The Power of Change (Literally!) Gender Differences: Communication Techniques as a Tool for Social Change

In some sense leadership is a performing art. Great leadership moves people deeply. When you are depleted, distracted, lack confidence in yourself, or are emotionally out-of-tune with your message, no matter how good the music it won't move people.

Women can accomplish enormous change by working collectively to impact issues we care about and we do not have to be wealthy to do it. Join us to learn from three women who lead philanthropic organizations.

The gender gap in the workplace is not just a product of politics, law, and economics, it's also the result of communication. This session will offer women some ways to turn that around and use communication as a tool for leadership and social change.

Afternoon seminar - 2:00-3:00pm

Shhh, Your Body Language Is Speaking! How To Be Leader (Or Not) Without Words Feminine, Balanced, and Successful: Finding Yourself in the Storm of Busy Finding the Words: Writing as a Powerful Tool for Sharing Your Story

Actors inhabit a role in a way that makes us believe. More than with words, the actor transforms his or her whole body into a different person. Examine how this works, how actors communicate with their bodies, and how you do too – without realizing the "character" that you are playing. Discover how to tell a story with your body language.

Whether you have small children, aging parents, or a hankering desire to climb mountains with friends – demands from home and work can create a whirlpool of stress and anxiety. Join in a candid conversation with our presenters, women who know what it is like to struggle with work-life balance.

If you have ever thought about writing your story – any part of it – this seminar will offer ideas on how to do that. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to share our wisdom and experiences with others, and it can reach large audiences. Join us for an interactive, engaging hour and learn more about the art and craft of writing.

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