Here at the WRC we support the health and wellness of the Earth, our only home.  We see that the Earth’s health is directly related to humanity’s health.  If we are to work for the Earth’s health, then we need to work for sustainability, ecologically friendly urban planning, organic agriculture, the limitation of pollution, and the development of sustainable energy resources.  Earth Day is a Feminist Day because sustainability improves the environment for women, men and families to live more peacefully.


Earth Friendly Calander




New Years Day - January 1--worldwide (Chinese New Year differnt every year)




Arbor Day - Celebrations held annually throughout the year (date determined by the best tree planting times in each country/state).





World Wetlands Day - held annually on February 2.


 Spay Day USA - promotes spaying or neutering of our pets and feral cats. Held annually near the end of February (U.S. event).


Ground Hog Day - Feb 2





World Water Day - held annually on March 22nd.


 Meatout - promotes a vegetarian diet. Held annually on the first day of spring (on or about March 20).




Spring Equinox held annually on March 21



World Meteorological Day held annually on March 23





Earth Week- held annually on April 22 or about


Earth Day -April 22 and about


Earth Day

Countdown clock



April World Health Day- held annually on April 2

National Environmental Education Week-
held annually on April 10-16



TV-Turnoff Week - held annually in the last week of April.



National Arbor Day-in US held annually on April 15



International Day of Chernobyl- April 26





Be Kind to Animals Week - held annually around the second week of May (U.S. event).



World Press Freedom Day -. held annually on May 3



International Day for Biological Diversity - held annually on May 22nd.



International Migratory Bird Day- held annually on the second Saturday in May.



Fair Trade Week - held annually during the second week of May



World No Tobacco Day - held annually on May 31st.




International Day of Families - held annually on May 15





World Environment Day - held annually every June 5th.


German Recycle Day held annually on June 12-13:

World Whale Day held annually on June 21:

Summer Solstice (longest day) June 21:


World Ocean Day - held annually every June 8th.



National Trails Day - held annually on the first Saturday of June (U.S. and Canadian event).



Great American Backyard Campout - held annually in the latter part of June (U.S. event).



Summer Solstice June 21





World Population Day - held annually every July 11th.


National Tree Day (USA)- July 25





International Day of the World's Indigenous People - held annually on August 9th.


 International Youth Day - held annually on August 12th.





International Coastal Cleanup Day - held annually during the second or third Saturday of September.



International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer - held annually on September 16th.



Clean Up the World Campaign - held annually during the third weekend of September.



International Day of Peace - held annually on September 21st.




World Carfree Day Campaign - held annually on September 22nd. Boston, Paris, London, Bogota and many other cities


Autumn Equinox -September 21





U.N. DAY - held annually onOctober 24



World Vegetarian Awareness Month - held annually during the month of October.



World Vegetarian Day on October 1st.



World Habitat Day - held annually on the first Monday of October.



Junk Mail Awareness Week - held annually during the first week of October.



World Farm Animals Day - held annually on or around October 2nd (Mahatma Gandhi's birthday).



Take Back Your Time Day - held annually on October 24th (U.S. and Canadian event).



National Tour of Solar Homes - tours of solar homes held every October throughout the United States (U.S. event).



International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - October 17





UN 2000 UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize- November 1


World Vegan Day - held annually on November 1st



America Recycles Day - November 15 or about -held annually in mid-November (U.S. event)




Buy Nothing Day - held annually in late November.




Fur Free Friday - held annually the day after Thanksgiving (U.S. event).



International Day of Tolerance - November 16:



Universal Children's Day - November 20





International Volunteer Day - held annually on December 5th.



Human Rights Day - December 11



Winter Solstice - December 21


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