The word "Vagina" spelled in silk flowers, propped up on a couch in the WRC living room.

Our space is open to all genders and ages, to students and community members. We have quiet spaces to nap, relax, and study. We have tables, desks, and computers. We have a kitchen with a sink, microwave, toaster, dishes, shelf space, fridge, and freezer. We are home to the most comfortable couches in the Stevenson Union. We have kids toys and books and welcome parents and children. Adjacent to the WRC is our coordinator's (and confidential advocate) private office.


Student using the computers in the WRC.

Student reading and drinking tea on the couch.

Student staff at front desk of the WRC.

Two students at the WRC table, looking through stickers.

Student speaking with Riah in the space.

Student napping on the WRC couches.


Various posters from pas events, decorations, and a decorated bust on a shelf in the women's resource center.